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Need for Speed

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Need For Speed Most Wanted | Get Wanted Trailer

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With unprecedented freedom and power at your fingertips, experience the epic, high energy, vast open-world of Fairhaven where the possibilities of adventure are endless. Race against your rivals at breakneck speeds across the varied city of Fairhaven.Make trouble for the cops and take them on the way you want. Dodge roadblocks to evade them. Blast past at high speeds to outrun them. Use Brute force to take them down. Go off-road to lose them and for the first time ever, experience the thrill of finding and seamlessly switching cars mid-chase to outsmart them. All whilst seamlessly competing with your friends and rivals to leave your mark in the world and become Most Wanted.Breaking 20 years of convention, drive any car you like! No more grinding to unlock the automobile of your dreams. Find it. Drive it. Get Wanted.Learn more about Most Wanted here: [Zaloguj się by zobaczyć link] [Zaloguj się by zobaczyć link] on Twitter - for competitions, latest news & more!
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